Guppy Fish Culture Techniques

Guppy  lived initially in a brackish Marsh. These fish to reproduce in a way that easy to categorize pemijahannya midwives. Male parent has a brilliant color, thin body, dorsal fins are longer, have gondopodium (a bulge in the rear wing of the recumbent abdomen) is a modification of the anal fin length. Indukan females to have a fatty less vivid, small dorsal fins of gastric smooth form dorsal fin.

In addition to the color of fish GuppY basic shapes also varied. GuppY is divided based on tail shape width tail (width of the tail), sword tail (long tail), and the short tail (small tail). Each variety has 4 types of fish. New varieties namely Ribbon / Swallow. It’s a new variety of various crosses causing gene mutations are a result of these different types of fish entre-croisement.

Guppy breeding by midwives. Guppy new-born child was able to swim directly to the wells. This occurs because the process of internal fertilization that occurs Guppy at marriage gondopodium organ located in the anal fin is inserted into the female egg organs.

Guppy males will chase females ready to mate. Every time a marriage can be a 3-time delivery. Time ranges from 3 weeks of birth and females can produce 60 tail burayak.

By understanding the process of conception until the birth of Guppy fish is required to use the marriage Guppy method can be easily managed and controlled in accordance with our wishes. Guppy is a weakness cultivation inaccuracy especially those with mass mating systems. Techniques used in producing superior strains produce Guppy in F4 or often called line systems.
To find a good Guppy can usually be found with a female who has a good tail shape. While men are usually looking for the brightest color dominant. For Guppy Ribbon, Ribbon very dominant female, whereas for males remained normal males, so the Guppy Ribbon to get a good bull is still needed to normal males.

how to overcome disease???

Common diseases are fungal Guppy happen. It should be understood that the fungus grows in a way different from the bacteria. Fungal spores to grow and always growing with certain conditions. They have developed a particular cycle in the form of spores and then turned into an organism called a mycelium.
This fungus can multiply very rapidly, shaped like a thread / screw and forms a thin layer of tissue like. While common bacterial attack mycobacterium piscium Guppy, also some other cause.

Should be considered for effective treatment should be made an accurate diagnosis, so as to overcome the disease appear. Common diseases attack Guppy fish is:

a. Saprolegnia.

The characteristics of fish exposed to white patches on the skin of fish. Metapen spraying alcohol on the treatment as much as 2 drops in one gallon of water / 4 1.12) liters of water. The next step give the salt and leave for a while.

Give the hydrogen peroxide to kill bacteria attached to fishing nets for 15 to 30 seconds. Or it could also be used methyline malachite green or blue or acriflavin as a disinfectant. Fish treatment of bacterial infections should be given before treatment of extra space.
b.  Bloat

Fish was restless, the body looks bigger because of bloating. This is caused by inflammation of the intestine of fish. Isolate the affected fish, and enter into one gallon of water that has been sprinkled with salt 2 tablespoons of the English language. Let stand for 4 or 6 hours, then add water for 12 hours. Once cured can be returned to the place of origin.

c. Mouth Funngus

The characteristics of the affected fish mouth fungus easily seen from the white color which is located in front of the mouth. White mushrooms are very large colonies attached to the fish’s mouth, so shut the mouth of the fish to breathe and could not eat can cause fish to die. Treatment with 25 mg of aureomycin to 1 gallon of water add 1 drop of iodine and 2 drops metopen.
d. Gill Disease

Features of the affected fish gills inflammation usually caused by viral organisms. Feature of this disease gill opening, easy to eat and always on the surface of the water. The disease is caused by several bacteria and fungi and the most difficult to overcome. Feature of this fish when dying gills were flushed and decay more quickly than the body. Some ways that have been successfully done is to soak metapen mercurochrome while at the same time and make treatment with salt water and provide a bigger place and spacious.
e. Flatulent Disease

The characteristics of the affected fish stomach inflammation including fish seems difficult to swim down. The hotfix provided 1 v. English tea each salt 1 / 2 litre of water, and let soak the fish for 3 to 4 hours, then move fish in waters where height 3 times the height of the fish. Yet it ya diseases which are generally known, such as lice or needles.

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