Guppy fish care techniques

In the aquarium, Guppy makes it look worthy of the beauty of body movement, especially the beauty of the body color of a man who matched the charming warrants reflection. Ornamental fish are often used to decorate the home or office space. Pemajangannya intended as a drug to relieve the stress to the viewer.

tank and accessories
Container in the form chosen for aquarum movement and beauty of color patterns of fish can be clearly seen from the outside. Accessories can rock, snails, water plants, and other objects. Water plants can be used to hide the kids and fish can increase the amount of dissolved oxygen in the daytime. Save water plant is given. While the stone used as decoration aquarium has a variety of shapes and colors. We recommend that the stones in choosing colors and sizes according to the color and size of fish that are on the screen.

Choses the Guppy Fish

Physical condition of fish to be displayed is absolutely necessary to do when buying fish. Sick fish are usually reluctant to move. If berenag, all fin-sirpnya will not grow. Kusamakibat reduce mucus in the body color outside the body. If there are parasites attack the gills, gills usually become swollen.


Eating for Guppy as a screen, other than fish can maintain a decent life, and to maintain and improve the quality of fish colors. There are 2 kinds of fish, artificial and natural species. The feed is closely related to water pollution. There are several considerations in providing food for the fish is given a display of relatively limited maintenance. The shape and nature of a good feed of fish for display must be in accordance with the opening of the mouth of the fish, contain adequate nutrition, have an attractive color, such as fish, is stable in water, and safe for fish. The feed is given in the morning, noon and night. The number of fish that must be provided in accordance with the needs and number of fish. Avoid eating too much bad karma would only contaminate or pollute the water.

Repacement Water

As a screen, replacement of water does not need to be done every day. This is because the existing tools to filter out dirt, which is called filter. Filters work with the system suction and water pressure. These filters work processes can occur Karnadi Help by pump or aerator.

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